Five Practical elements of effective team leadership

Five Practical elements of effective team leadership

Grid Forensic Accounting has taken some time to outline five leadership tools to strengthen your team and business, nurture team spirit, and promote solutions-driven thinking.

#1 Establish strong values 

You don’t realise the importance of values until you experience them in action. Values represent the benchmark that drives behaviour within a team; they establish how we should and should not behave. Often start-ups overlook the importance of outlining their values in the early stages of establishing their business, believing them to be process driven, but a good set of values can be the motivating force for accountability and the strength of your team, and by default, your company. The values that have become an integral part of how Grid Forensic Accounting operates are integrity (doing what you promise), the extra degree (doing just that little bit more than what’s expected) and intentionality (working with purpose). We use our values as a benchmark for the way in which we work together, how we treat our clients and how we operate in our processes. Values are the foundation of everything we do.

#2 Pay attention

I’m sure we have all had that conversation with someone, when you know your words are going in one ear and out the other. It’s frustrating to say the least, but the real issue is that you feel that you are not being heard and what you have to offer is not important. As leaders we cannot discount the importance of listening. No matter how big or small a topic is, we must make a habit of giving someone our full attention. Really learn to stop what you are doing, put down the phone, close the laptop, make eye contact and really listen. When you listen, as in really listen, you will be amazed at how much you can learn from your team members. In addition, your team feels that their opinions really count. It also avoids creating an organisation full of “yes” people. It seems so simple, but in the busy world we live in today, you would be amazed at how often you not giving your full attention to your team. 

#3 Drive solutions-based thinking

Encourage your team to view an issue as a challenge, not as a problem, as this really starts driving solutions-based thinking. When one of our team members approaches me with a challenge, I always ask: “So, what’s your take on it?”, “How do we fix it?”, “What’s the solution?” We view each and every one of the team members as an expert in their professional field, so it makes sense that the expert would have the best solution to a challenge. 

#4 Celebrate the wins

It sounds obvious to set goals and celebrate when they’ve been achieved; however, it may surprise you to learn that those celebrations may fall short of the team’s expectations. Goals really are the driving force behind a team’s success; they create a roadmap for strategy, and they ensure that everyone works together towards a common purpose. So, when those goals are reached, make a big thing of it! Go on a team build or take the team out on a Friday afternoon. Really celebrate the success together – and go big! Not only will it drive the team to pursue more goals and set higher expectations for themselves, but It also builds the strength of your team and encourages them to support each other.

#5 Learn from the losses

There really is no such thing as a mistake; it’s just an opportunity to learn and improve your systems and processes. This type of thinking is so important to grow as an organisation. It encourages your team to own up to their mistakes and not to hide behind them. It creates a platform for learning for the entire team and allows for development and out-of-the-box thinking. Every opportunity to learn allows for radical improvements in your organisation and drives innovative thinking. As much as we celebrate the wins, we should celebrate the losses too, because each loss allows us to become better at what we do.

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