Asset Registry Search

We conduct searches on various public databases to help establish the assets that an individual or business might have on file. This is for the purpose of verification and screening for our clients. An asset registry search does not leave a footprint and is completely private. This means that no-one will receive a report that their information on these public databases has been accessed.

The databases we search

An asset registry search can be conducted through the following public databases:

  • Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC)
  • Consumer credit records of various credit bureaus
  • Deeds Registry for properties held
  • eNaTIS for vehicles registered
  • Civil Aviation Authority
  • Master of the High Court for evidence of registration of any trusts

The cost of an asset registry search

Fees may vary depending on requirements, so we recommend that clients contact us directly to discuss their needs. Once we establish how we can assist, a cost estimate will be provided.

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