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Asset Registry Search

Asset Registry Search FAQs

Below follows a selection of the most frequently asked questions relating to our Asset Registry Search service. We trust the information below will be of value to you. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us directly.

Will an asset registry search be flagged by the person or entity being investigated?Section

No. Searches conducted by Grid Forensic Accounting do not leave a footprint; no indication is given of a search conducted on any particular database.

When would an asset registry search be necessary?Section

Asset registry searches are conducted to establish the ownership of assets in the name of an individual or entity that have not been declared, for example, in divorce proceedings. They are also done to verify the representation made by potential business partners and/or employers.

How long does an asset registry search take?

This will depend on the type and number of searches conducted, and how readily the information is available. The number of assets and ownership of business entities also play a role in the duration of an asset registry search.

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