Career Opportunities

Forensic accounting is a specialised area within financial services. In recent years, the need for forensic financial services has grown, resulting in qualified and experienced forensic accountants becoming increasingly sought after. Forensic accountants are financial investigators, whose skills can not only be applied to uncover financial crimes and assist in fraud detection and prevention strategies, but also to business in matters of due diligence, business valuations and dispute resolution, analysis of data, calculation of loss of profit damages and accounting itself. It’s a varied and exciting career to pursue and requires an enquiring mind and meticulous work ethic. It is an occupation driven by giving painstaking attention to the minutia – the small, often unseen, details – and how these details can eventually be used to tell a story.

Where to obtain a Forensic Accounting qualifications

North-West University in Potchefstroom is the only university that offers a degree in Forensic Accountancy. The knowledge and skill set required to become a forensic accountant is, however, more commonly built up over time and with the successful completion of various courses and on-the-job training. Forensic accountants learn the different tricks of the trade early on and are exposed to and understand the legal system in relative detail, often working with lawyers and even police on various matters.

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Grid Forensic Accounting: combining a strong work ethic with team values

Our passionate staff is made up of forensic accountants and a support team trained in client service excellence who embrace the environment and culture of diversity. We know the importance of balance in life and ensure we build our team with passionate individuals who are aligned with our values, our team dynamic and who live our vision every day to reach our goals. As a company that understands the value of growth and development, we provide ongoing opportunities for training and relationship building through team-development events and social activities to grow team spirit, trust and performance.