Catching up with forensic accountant Elzaan Grabie

Catching up with forensic accountant Elzaan Grabie

Elzaan Grabie celebrated her fifth anniversary at Grid Forensic Accounting in January 2020. Thanks to her strong work ethic and the empowering environment Grid Forensic Accounting offers its employees, her growth both personally and professionally has been exponential. “I started at the company in 2015 as a junior forensic accountant; a year later I was promoted to forensic accountant, and in 2017 to senior forensic accountant and operational manager,” she explains. It was not only her sharp forensic eye that impressed her colleagues and managers; her knack for problem solving, people skills and leadership also came to the fore and led to her current portfolio: operations manager and senior forensic accountant.

“I always wanted to be an auditor. I loved maths and accounting at school,” Elzaan explains. “But the idea of studying law also really excited me…” She ended up with the best of both worlds by attending North-West University in Potchefstroom where she graduated with a BCom Honours in Forensic Accountancy.

“My work has a 50/50 split,” she says. “I manage human resources and budgets, assign new work and ensure reporting is conducted on time and our clients are kept informed of progress. Then there’s the forensic side that involves investigations, interviews and reporting. I’ve learnt a lot in a short space of time. It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster and it hasn’t been without its challenges,” Elzaan admits. But she is quick to add that Grid Forensic Accounting has provided the support needed at all times. “We’ve had access to training by professional life coaches and workshops on time management. A particular highlight was the E-Colors workshop and the in depth training it provided,” she says. [E-Colors is what is known as a personality diversity indicator that highlights personality traits and assigns them a colour (red, yellow, green or blue).] “Being able to identifying the dominant colour in oneself and in others can greatly enhance one’s business and personal relationships because of the insight it provides into behaviour,” she adds.

Another highlight for Elzaan is seeing how the company has grown in the last five years, both with its staff complement and client base. “It’s been special to be a part of it,” she says.

“People and teamwork make a company successful. Of course, processes and management are important, but everyone is part of the wheel that keeps it all turning. If one spoke comes out, it can’t work properly.”

The values Elzaan imparts at work are the same ones she takes home each day. Her mother and sister play a huge role in her life. “They are my sounding boards; my go-to people.” Aside from treasured family time, Elzaan, an avid reader, can be found immersed in fiction. Swopping numbers for words provides the ultimate relaxation for her.

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