At Grid Forensic Accounting we work closely with clients who require dispute resolution pertaining to the following scenarios:

• Commercial and individual business deals
• Intellectual property
• Mergers and acquisitions
• Purchase and sale agreements
• Workplace labour disputes
• Divorce actions

We aim to resolve stakeholder and/or management disputes quickly and cost-effectively, acting in the best interest of the relationships involved and with the business’s wellbeing in mind. Our techniques will depend on the stage at which we become involved: either proactive and preventative or as a detective and reactive service.

Proactive and preventative approach

Using a proactive/preventative approach means the negotiation process is performed at the contract stage in a business relationship. Innovative contracting tools and techniques are designed to:

  • Prevent and/or control problems and differences of opinion so they don’t intensify into disputes, conflict and possible legal action.
  • Establish, improve and/or maintain good working relationships among the contracting parties, resulting in heightened performance.

Detective and reactive service

On the other side of the scale, we offer an independent forensic service that calculates heads of loss (categories of damage incurred by a party). As data providers, we’re also able to act as mediators and arbitrators in alternative dispute resolutions, assisting by reducing the data conflicts that may prevent parties from reaching agreement.

Alternative dispute resolutions

Alternative dispute resolutions (ADRs) are types of procedures used to settle disputes without litigation and include arbitration, mediation and negotiation.

There are a number of advantages to ADRs:

  • They can help settle disputes (examples of which include personal injury, labour issues and divorce actions) without lengthy and costly trials.
  • They are less public and less disruptive to businesses and individuals.

Increasingly, forensic accountants are becoming an essential part of ADR processes, acting as expert witnesses to present investigative findings, as consultants or in the role of neutral arbitrator, negotiator or mediator.

Grid in South Africa and SADC

Dispute resolution costs

Fees may vary depending on the complexity of the client’s situation, the amount of documentation required for assessment and the extent of any relevant investigations.

Because everyone’s needs and situations are so different, it is not possible to provide an exact costing. We can, however, assist by reviewing the prospective client’s information at our obligation-free initial consultation and provide an estimated cost at their request. No charge will be made for this review should they not continue with our services.

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