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How much does a Pre-Report Assessment or a Forensic Accounting Report cost?

Grid charges three different hourly rates depending on the nature of the work being performed.

  • Admin Rate: Requesting, processing and capturing of documentation and case information;
  • Forensic Accounting Rate: Low-level investigation and financial analysis, preparing of the assessment or report; and
  • Head Forensic Accounting Rate: High-level investigation and financial analysis, compiling, reviewing and finalising the assessment and finalising and signing off the report. The Head Forensic Accountant is regarded as the specialist on the matter and will provide testimony in court if requested. 

Our fees may vary depending on the following factors:

  • Complexity of the matter
  • The volume of documentation to be assessed and taken into account
  • The extent of our investigations into the matter 

Due to the diversified nature of each matter, we cannot provide an exact costing for a an assessment or a report. If requested, we will review the information at hand and provide an estimated cost for our services. If you should choose not to utilise our services, you will not be charged for the review.

How long does it take to compile a Pre-Report Assessment or a Forensic Accounting Report?

This depends on the complexity of the matter, as well as the timeliness in which we received the supporting documentation relating to the matter.

Our average delivery time is subject to change, but is generally:

Pre-Report Assessment                -            2 to 3 weeks

Forensic Accounting Report         -            4 to 6 weeks

What documentation do we require?

Required documentation from the instructor:

  • Completed instruction template (provided by Grid) and instruction letter from instructing firm
  • Medico-legal reports

Required from the Claimant/Plaintiff (ideally for a minimum period of 3 years prior to the date of incident until current date):

  • Complete and signed financial statements
  • Business and individual tax returns
  • Bank statements for business and personal accounts (please send these in both pdf and excel format)
  • Bank certificates or confirmations of account closures subsequent to the date of incident
  • Issued invoices
  • Issued receipts
  • Supplier statements and/or proof of payment for business expenditure
  • Schedule of clients and approximate monthly sales to each
  • Schedule of suppliers and approximate monthly purchases from each
  • Business budgets/forecasts: historic and future
  • Details of salary structure/remuneration package
  • Salary slips
  • Employment certificates
  • Schedule of employees detailing each employee’s role, remuneration structure and cost to company
  • Ownership documentation relating to business assets
  • Copies of signed contracts completed and/or expected, along with each contract’s value
  • Signed partnership/membership/shareholder agreements
  • Copies of permits/certificates/licences required by the relevant industry for operational purposes
  • Any other relevant company documentation to support income distribution and/or ownership
  • Any other information deemed relevant for purposes of evaluating the business earnings

Please note:

If applicable, we will require an initial consultation to discuss the matter, as well as the documents and information required.

At a minimum, we require an interview with the Claimant/Plaintiff and may require interviews with other individuals identified during our investigation.