Getting to know Kyle McCauley

Getting to know Kyle McCauley

When Kyle McCauley joined Grid Forensic Accounting in 2014, it was a fledgeling company consisting of two professionals and only a handful of clients. Kyle had been working as an actuarial analyst for Munro Forensic Actuaries, a sister company, for two years, and when the move across was suggested, he was thrilled at the opportunity. 

Kyle’s affinity and love for numbers, as well as his practical skills, would make him a valuable technical expert. But, he says, he felt he had something else to contribute to the young firm. “It’s never a good idea to have a technical expert who’s also the captain of the ship. When you’ve got your head down with deliverables, it’s very difficult to think about business strategy, attend to clients, and look after your staff,” he explains. The big-ticket item he really wanted to offer was as a business manager. This, he said to his new CEO, was something he would love to do.

Fast forward to today, and Grid Forensic Accounting has grown its team and enjoys a client base of around 300 attorneys countrywide. It was a steady growth, Kyle says. From initially consulting on mainly personal injury cases, the company began growing its service offering, acquiring more experts and expanding into the market. 

People make a successful business”

A job well done, one might say. But Kyle will be the first to say he is one part of a much larger equation. “People make a successful business. If you look after your people, they will thrive and, in turn, look after your clients. We do business intentionally; we’re not here just to be successful. We are here to make a difference in the lives of our team and the clients we serve. When we started, we primarily were involved in Road Accident Fund calculations. And at the heart of these cases is a claimant. Our work was and still is for them,” he says. 

“Intentionality” is one of the values Kyle singles out. It means that everything the team at Grid Forensic Accounting takes on, or the actions of individual team members, serves a long-term purpose. This together with the “extra degree” (doing more than is expected for clients and fellow team members) and “integrity” (keeping your promises and treating everyone fairly and respectfully) form the triangle of values that have contributed so successfully to the company’s culture. And it’s a culture nurtured from the top-down, from the directors Alex Munro and Alan Berning, through to Kyle and the forensic experts, analysts and client services personnel.

People with full passion buckets can change your business ... In fact, they can change the world!”

What also shines through is a healthy dose of work/life balance. Kyle is a firm believer in making time to do the things that “fill your passion bucket”. He believes overtime is counterproductive. Sure, there are times when it becomes necessary, but it should never be the norm. “Balance is so important. People must have time to do what they love, the things that fill their passion buckets. Work to live, not the other way around. People with full passion buckets can change your business,” he says. “In fact, they can change the world!”

When Kyle is not at work, you’ll find him filling his passion bucket outdoors, cycling in the Durbanville area, playing golf, surfing, hiking or mastering motocross. Or indoors, enjoying the company of close friends and family.

Read some more about Kyle’s approach to leadership here.

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