Grid Forensic Accounting provides specialised financial forensic solutions in the following areas:


Our team calculates the loss of business profits in the event of a business suffering as a result of the personal injury or death of a key employee, or due to an unforeseen business interruption. This service extends to loss of business profits where it results in a loss of support for dependents of the deceased.


We evaluate business policies and actual practices to identify areas where businesses may be exposed to potential fraud and corruption. Our outcome is to streamline formal policies, integrate this with best practices, and implement it with the labour force in order to minimise the opportunity for fraud and corruption. We also assess businesses’ internal controls to make valuable recommendations with the intention of mitigating risk.


This solution aims to resolve stakeholder and/or management disputes in a time-efficient and cost-effective way to limit harm to relationships and a business’s wellbeing. This can be a pro-active and preventative service; or a detective and reactive service, depending on the stage at which we get involved. In preparation for the possibility of a matter reaching the courtroom, we provide clients with assistance in preparation, attendance of and testifying as an expert witness during the court proceedings.


In the event of alleged irregularities or financial crime, we engage in a multiple-stage detection and investigation processes to obtain, secure and present evidence in accordance with the requirements of our instructions. This service can be focused internally (on employees and internal collusion); externally (on suppliers, subcontractors, third parties to contractual arrangements); or a combination of internal and external (employee collusion with third parties).


We provide accurate, timely, cost effective and fully compliant Reports to aid in any commercial-based investigation. Our approach includes regular reporting, meetings and feedback, as required. Our experts have numerous years of experience in the forensic field and are qualified, ready and able to serve as expert witnesses in court, in conjunction with providing the evidence gathered throughout the investigation.


We specialise in the compilation and testimony of Loss of Income or Loss of Support Reports when a claimant or deceased is, or was, a business owner. We are an approved vendor for the Road Accident Fund and have experience representing both panel and plaintiff clients. Our close relationship with the RAF has assisted our plaintiff clients in obtaining quick settlements. We pride ourselves on clear, concise reporting, enabling effective litigation for our clients. Combining the expertise of Forensic Accountants and Actuaries has enabled us to highlight the individual factors of a claim against the background of analytical and forensic research. We represent all the factors in an easy-to-understand reporting style, ensuring that all parties have clarity on how these have been balanced to arrive at the loss of income or support.


We provide a timely and cost-effective solution for determining the value of a business. Business valuations can be utilised for a range of purposes, including mergers, acquisitions and disposals, shareholder disputes, matrimonial dissolution, contractual disputes and strategic planning. Depending on your needs, our valuation methods can be structured to provide either an overview or an extensive business valuation.

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