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Nov 15, 2019 Grid FA

Welcoming Siraaj Julius

On 1 October 2019, Siraaj Julius joined the team at Grid Forensic Accounting in the role of Key Account Manager for the Southern Region. In this capacity, Siraaj is responsible for developing strategies to expand the company’s client base and grow its services.

At 25, Siraaj has a wealth of experience behind him, including two-and-half years at a fintech company in the UK, a job that afforded him the opportunity for extensive travel and personal growth. While the decision to return to South Africa was in part a personal one, Siraaj believes he is now in very good company. “This is a very supporting environment,” he acknowledges. “And I am among people who share my values of integrity and accountability. This is a place I really want to be; it’s not like coming to work at all,” he adds.

 He believes that as soon as you can answer the “why’s” in your life, you begin to plot the road map to set yourself up for success, both personally and career wise.

Siraaj admits he had to grow up quickly and make important decisions at quite a young age. His dream was to study architecture, but due to various circumstances he found himself working, and studying part-time. With his desire to learn and a knack for creative problem solving, he became the youngest ever regional development manager for Sony Mobile. He had a natural leaning towards financial operations and logistics, and accumulated a number of diplomas and accredited courses in fields ranging from public management to HR.

Siraaj has accomplished much in his 25 years, but he is quick to acknowledge he was brought up with old-school values, for which he thanks his parents and grandmother. In a true display of paying it forward, Siraaj is one in a collective of three people who support children at a foster home in Gugulethu. “I sponsor one child. Doing this has really allowed me to see the potential in people. I see it in this little girl. She can already speak three languages fluently.” When he is not visiting his “foster” child, or working, Siraaj loves to be outdoors, hiking, playing golf or surfing. “I love learning,” he says. “I learn from people all the time.” 

We have no doubt, Siraaj will be a valuable asset to Grid Forensic Accounting and grow both personally and professionally with the company.