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Grid Forensic Accounting simplifies financial forensic solutions

Grid Forensic Accounting is a solutions-driven company operating in the financial services arena. We’re focused on finding solutions for our clients and offer a range of services – from financial forensics and fraud investigation and tax management consulting to Road Accident Fund claims. We solve problems using unique methodologies and best practices and, backed by years of corporate experience and insight, our skilled and insightful multidisciplinary team works in close consultation with our clients to achieve just that.


Legal Services

Grid Forensic Accounting provides specialised financial forensic solutions for attorneys in the following areas: Road Accident Fund Claims, Fraud Detection and Investigation, Tax Management Consulting and much more.

Business Services

Grid Forensic Accounting provides specialised financial forensic solutions for business owners and their stakeholders in the following areas: Fraud Detection and Investigation, Forensic Investigation, Loss of Business Profits and more.

Personal Services

Grid Forensic Accounting provides specialised financial forensic solutions to people in their individual capacity, in the following areas: General Due Diligence, Property Investment Due Diligence and Tax Management Consulting.

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Our passionate team

Our diverse and dynamic team consists of forensic accountants, forensic assistants and client relationship consultants.


As part of a group of specialist companies, our diverse team consists of forensic accountants, forensic assistants, tax consultants and client relationship consultants. We are further assisted by a client-focused support team consisting of human resources, information technology, marketing and finance specialists, who provide additional support in their areas of proficiency.

With this combination of expertise, our passion for the forensic environment and our commitment to serve, clients are guaranteed ethical and professional products and services.

We deliver high-quality financial solutions, specific to our clients’ needs and across a variety of service offerings. Our clients include attorneys, small to medium business owners and individuals. We are constantly working to close the gap between complex technicalities and the practical needs of our clients and strive to provide excellent, personalised service.

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